Dear GEIVEX members, UFV students and members of affiliated societies abroad.

We are pleased to announce that registrations for the GEIVEX-UFV / TeNTaCLES 2020 Minisymposium to be held online on December 17, 2020 have been opened until November 30th.

You can register at no cost for members of GEIVEX, UFV and members of international EV societies. For non-members the price will be 30 Euros. If you are not yet a member of GEIVEX,  you can join our association through the website (

We encourage you to submit with your registration, you can download the template for abstract submission from this web page. We will contact you shorly to receive the abstract and proof of your affiliation.  Please select your preferred presentation format (10-minute oral presentation during the symposium or 2-minute video in the poster room).

Eight abstract will be selected for oral presentation at the symposium. In addition, the rest of the submitted abstracts will be available for on demand inspection, as short format videos, in  a dedicated online «poster room».

Once the 8 abstracts have been selected, the instructions for both formats will be sent to you. It will be a requirement that at least one of the authors of the communication (the author who will present the work) is registered in the Congress. Only one communication per registration will be accepted.

Thank you very much.

GEIVEX Scientific Committee 

La Escuela de Postgrado UFV junto con Geivex y Tentacles te invitan a participar en el Mini-Simposio online del próximo 17 de diciembre de 2020. Registra tu inscripción a través del formulario, y unos días antes del evento, te haremos llegar el enlace de conexión